With so many toy options on the market, it is often difficult to know what to buy the children and/or grandchildren to keep them engaged whilst at home or on holiday.

How often have I seen my grandchildren opening their presents, and then playing with the packaging rather than the actual toy inside! They also seem to get more pleasure from knocking an object down when I have helped them built it up, but that’s all the nature of the game to them.

briksThere are, of course, any number of different stacking games, wooden bricks and plastic blocks on the market, but what recently caught my eye was the company Strictly Briks, who manufacture a range of colourful base plates and stackers.

briksThe Bundle Tower Construction set is available on Amazon. Priced at only £11.99, the set is suitable for children over three years. My youngest grandchild has enjoyed hours of fun already, not that I am exactly sure what she is creating, but the opportunities would appear to be limitless. Once built, the construction can even double as a small toy display unit. Each of the four baseplates measures 6in x 6in, and the set comes complete with 2×2 stackers.

Strictly Briks has it nailed, because as well as making learning fun, the product serves another useful purpose, that being as a development aid for youngsters.

The company offers a range of stackable toys and towers, available in various sets compatible with all major brands, including LEGO, Mega Bloks and K’NEX brand sets.