Discover a different side of Portugal’s stunning north with Casas Cantabricas

The company is offering six independent, self-drive tours, with clients staying in small, charming hotels. Three tours are cross-border, taking in Spain and Portugal in one trip.

Discover world-class wines in the Minho and Douro (the world’s oldest wine region); explore World Heritage cities in Porto and Guimaraes; and recharge your batteries on the invigorating, windswept Atlantic Coast. Lose yourself in the dramatic scenery of the Minho, Douro and Lima valleys, sleepy, vineyard-lined and dotted with charming villages, or get active in the boulder-strewn mountains of the Peneda-Geres National Park.

The gastronomy is delicious, the people friendly, and with numerous flights to Porto, you can be there in no time. However, it is the delightful small hotels and the especially warm hospitality that have won over Casas Cantabricas in this little-known part of Iberia, an experience which the company hopes to pass on to its clients.