A WORLD leader in international cuisine, Catalonia has been awarded the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2016.

Catalonia-3Together with the Minho region in Portugal, both are the first in Europe to obtain this distinction, which intends to highlight and promote the variety of European food cultures, to raise awareness of healthy and sustainable food, and to foster gastronomic innovation.

Catalonia-2Gastronomy, agrifood and landscape characterise Catalonia as a unique gastronomic region. Catalonia aims to promote its cuisine as an integral part of its cultural identity and a key factor in attracting tourists. A further aim is to share knowledge and learn from other partners in the project.

CataloniaHaving 3* chef Carme Ruscalleda as the main ambassador, Catalonia will focus in both the innovative and local cuisine, with enthusiasm in all three aspects of this initiative: Catalan products, the region and its cuisine. In addition, the Marca Cuina Catalana (Catalan Cuisine Brand) are now campaigning for Catalan cuisine to be recognised as a UNESCO World Intangible Heritage site. It was also recently announced that the home of the number one restaurant in ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ 2015 awards was in Catalonia, Spain, with El Celler de Can Roca claiming the top position.

Catalonia-1The recognition of Catalan cuisine has been a reason to declare 2016 as the Year of Gastronomy and Wine Tourism in Catalonia, giving new momentum to these two areas intimately related to tourism. Based on the cuisine-produce-territory triangle, this theme year aims at positioning gastronomy as a key item for Catalonia’s uniqueness, and one of the main aspects that define it as a tourist destination.

A series of events will take place this year regarding the gastronomy and wine tourism promotion, and we will keep you posted as we are notified.