Global integrated drone solution specialists, ConsortiQ, is helping the cause of the Cycling for Rangers project, named as an official sponsor of the mission

In partnership with the For Rangers charity, four adventure and wildlife loving friends will embark on an 8,000km cycle from Johannesburg to Nairobi, meeting park rangers as they go and documenting their stories in a feature film, produced in association with Stink Films. The film will create a platform for those on the frontline of Africa’s war with poaching to be heard; giving an honest account of the challenges that rangers face on a daily basis, highlighting the areas where others can support their efforts.

ConsortiQ is enrolling two of the team on its esteemed UAQ (Unmanned Aircraft Qualification) drone course. Enlisting them with a professional drone qualification will give them the skills they need to capture their trip using aerial footage, to be used on the final film, as well as educating them of the drone laws and regulations for each country they will pass through on their journey.

“Drones are being used to aid the rangers that this project is supporting, so it is great to be able to do our bit and use our skills to help these four adventurers capture their trip, as well as the stories of the rangers they meet,” Ben Keene, Operations Director at ConsortiQ, told Essential Journeys. “What’s more, we’re always happy to be part of any charitable venture and we fully support the work of For Rangers, the organisation where every donation raised by the team will be sent.”

Drones are already being heavily used in the world of wildlife conservation, giving rangers the means to monitor and track wildlife safely, while also protecting endangered animals from criminal poachers. ConsortiQ discussed this drone application in a blog post last year. By sharing its drone piloting knowledge to the team of agile activists, ConsortiQ is pleased to help the cause further, aiding the sector indirectly while drones continue to be used as a direct tool for conservation.

ConsortiQ joins a list of sponsors including Craghoppers, Buff and MSR, each one using their resources to help the team safely and successfully complete their dangerous, yet poignant challenge.

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