Simple to set up; simple to use; great at capturing video; voice recognition; good low light conditions… the plus points go on and on with the new 70MAI Dash Cam.

You will gather that I am well impressed with this product, which I have managed to obtain a sample of before it goes into mass production. The 70MAI allows you to keep your hands on the wheel whilst your voice activates the Dash Cam, allowing it to capture both stills and videos of the passing scenery. What’s more, once I had downloaded the 70MAI app, it could access free Wi-Fi, view any recordings in real-time, and download images and videos from my cell phone, without having to use the MicroSD card (not supplied).

dash cam

The installation process is a doddle. You place the electrostatic sticker on tbe windshield of the car, and stick the Dash Cam to it via the heat-resistant adhesive, which is already placed on the mounting bracket. Power is supplied via the vehicle’s cigarette lighter with the USB cable and power adapter.

Heaven forbid you should ever require it to do so, but this fancy Dash Cam is even able to automatically record an emergency situation and save the videos separately to an event folder, thereby avoiding the videos being recovered by normal loop recording. Pretty nifty if you need the evidence for an accident report or insurance claim.

dash cam

The Dash Cam records in 1080p full HD at 30fps, and boasts a 130-degree field of view, so you are guaranteed some impressive footage. It is equipped with a Sony IMX323 image sensor, which greatly enhances image quality in low-light situations,

The 70MAI Dash Cam currently on the market has only previously been available in the Chinese version, with the English version having been in the crowdfunded development stage over the past year. If you want to get your order in for one of the first off the production line from Xiaomi Technology Ecological Chain Enterprise, China’s largest smart hardware company, head over to where they are shipping at $39 (£28), a 43% reduction off the RRP (excludes postage).