LA GOMERA is an idyllic choice for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating winter break. Luscious landscapes, endless sunshine, authentic wellness activities and soothing treatments await.

fortaleza-2014-1This beautiful island in the heart of the Atlantic is home to an array of well-being activities, along with scenic sights which allow the mind and body to feel calm and at ease.

Mirador del Bailadero. Los RoquesMirador del Bailadero, Los Roques

Escape into the enchanting Garajonay National Park and feel at one with nature. Named after two lovers and with a fairytale-like atmosphere, the park replicates a magical secret garden. Venture under a sea of clouds through the rural paths, bearded trees and 2,000 species of plant, for a chance to get lost in your own world. The park is ideal for those who want to literally take in a breath of fresh air and feel rejuvenated.


Playa San Sebastian

As part of the Canary Islands, La Gomera has wide stretches of beach and is home to stylish and luxurious accommodation options, designed with a focus on wellness and which are sure to lift spirits. Picturesque Playa de Santiago offers guests access to tranquil retreats, each home to holistic, authentic treatments.


Monument at Silbo

Choose from a Mistriosa Turquia massage, using antioxidant, sensual spices, to sooth and heal tension within the body; a Lomi Lomi Hawaiano which focuses on the upper body, using a mixture of essential oils and vitamin E; or a Shirochampi for a full body experience, massaging, stimulating and strengthening specific areas which hold and retain tension within the body.

Vallehermoso4Valle Hermoso

Venture towards the western part of the island and fall in love with the breathtaking landscape of Valle Gran Rey. Behind the harbour, guests will find luscious gardens and a pretty hideaway, offering daily programmes, including meditation and Yoga, along with therapy sessions and healing techniques. Mountains and bowing palm trees surround the region, offering a peaceful paradise for visitors. Experience this magical setting and indulge in meditation on the beach at sunrise, tension-easing massages in the afternoon, and moonlit dances with locals in the evening.


Throughout the rest of this rural island, you will find many quaint spas, incredible landscapes, unique beaches and endless well-being activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. La Gomera is known by many as the island where time stops, and its naturalistic wonders bring a sense of calm to visitors and locals alike.

Flights run regularly from the UK to Tenerife, where visitors can then enjoy a 50-minute ferry ride to La Gomera. Alternatively, guests can fly to Tenerife North from the UK and board a 30-minute connecting flight to the island.