WILDLIFE AND wilderness travel company Aqua-Firma offers unique, safe and responsible encounters with wildlife and marine life in wilderness locations around the planet, with adventures bridging land and sea from the Equator to the Poles.


The company’s Rainforest4Climate programme is dedicated to the offset of carbon emissions and the protection of diversity. The scheme aims to help achieve permanent protection for areas of rainforest for which, without the Fund’s donations, would not be protected against deforestation.

Through Rainforest4Climate, guests in 2015 helped to fund over 11,000 acres of rainforest protected including 10,000 acres out of a total 3.7 million acres of new national park created by the Rainforest Trust in the Peruvian Amazon. In Ecuador Aqua-Firma, with Rainforest Concern, part-funded the purchase and protection of Choco-Andean cloud forest which extends the habitat of a newly discovered mammal. the Olinguito. As part of the Rainforest4Climate programme, Aqua-Firma adds to the Fund with each relevant booking, which can amount to as much as £50 for some polar voyages.

531522_num1122815It is only through the support of their valued guests that Aqua-Firma is able to fund this protection. Although journeys to the ArcticAntarctica and rainforests of Latin America contribute the most to the company’s Rainforest4Climate fund, a whole range of fascinating experiences are also available this year, including visits to the rainforests of EcuadorPeru, Papua New Guinea, BorneoCosta RicaMexicoUganda or Tanzania.

For more information or to book through Aqua-Firma’s expert team, please call 01428 620012 or visit www.aqua-firma.co.uk