ESTABLISHED IN 1978, Go Travel is the most widely distributed travel accessory brand in the world

It still remains a UK family business and is just as committed to bring innovative products to market as it was over 30 years ago.What is not commonly known is that the company pioneered the concept of a co-ordinated range of travel accessories. Its subsequent success has spawned an entire global industry, which it still dominates to this day.

Designed to make your journey more stress-free, more secure and more comfortable, the Go Travel range encompasses over 300 different products. Developed by the company’s in-house design team in London, every product is created to offer maximum style and performance. The new 2015 range is no exception, and includes revolutionary new travel pillows, advanced locks and colourful, stylish accessories.

Bean Snoozer (3)Bean Snoozer

Combining innovation and ergonomics, the new Bean Snoozer pillow takes in-flight comfort to new heights. Its revolutionary and patent-pending ‘flat-back’ design promotes a more comfortable sleeping position, while simultaneously preventing the head from being pushed forward. Prompting a more relaxed posture when upright, the Bean Snoozer eradicates the telltale cricked neck of a weary traveller, instead providing the correct anatomical support for in-seat sleeping.

Bean Snoozer (1)The ‘flat-back’ section’s ergonomic design integrates form-fitting foam for soft, enveloping comfort against any upright seating surface, while the thousands of micro poly-beans, coupled with a silky-soft exterior, add a touch of first-class luxury and inimitable cosiness. Available in a selection of four rich colours, the convenient design is foldable and features a button and loop closure, allowing travellers to attach it securely to a trolley case for easy transportation.

RRP: £12.99

Twist 'N' Set Lock (1)Twist ‘N’ Set Lock

Since the company began back in 1978, Go Travel has been steadfast in its efforts to revolutionise the core travel accessory categories. The new Twist ‘N’ Set luggage lock is no exception. An innovative new way to keep belongings safe on the move, the combination lock ensures that securing luggage could not be easier. The unique ‘twist’ design makes setting the lock’s three-digit combination code completely hassle-free. It is also TSA approved for quick and easy transition through security when travelling to or through the USA.

Twist 'N' Set Lock (2)Incorporating a revolutionary, patent-pending design, the Twist ‘N’ Set features an error-free setting mechanism, so there is no need to worry about clumsy fingers causing an accidental code reset. The lock has a robust zinc alloy and steel construction with an ABS plastic housing that can cope with the demands of even the most intrepid traveller. The Twist ‘N’ Set is available in three colours, including rich jewel tones of teal and plum that ensure a case stands out on the carousel, as well as a subtle, colour-coordinating black.

RRP: £7.99

310 Orange d.epsGlo Wallet and Glo Case ID

A gorgeous new range of travel pouches, the Glo Wallets will certainly set you in the mood for a summer break. Made from lightweight yet protective PVC material, the Glo Wallet promises to protect your passport and other travel documents, while their brightly coloured exterior means they are easy to locate inside your handbag or case.

Glo Wallet  (2)Slimline and lightweight, the wallet has five compartments to ensure it is easy to keep everything organised on the move. Available in four brightly coloured designs, the Glo Wallet is the perfect companion for a stress-free journey.

Glo Case IDAn ideal partner for the Glo Wallets, for 2015 Go Travel has also introduced the eye-catching Glo Case ID tags. Available in the same vibrant designs, the tags are perfect for ensuring your luggage stands out on the carousel. In case your bag does go astray, the Glo Case ID tags conceal your details to make it easier for your luggage to be located.

RRP: Glo Wallet – £4.99 / Glo Case ID – £3.99 (pack of two)