Firstly, an admission. In the past I have raised issues with the type of bungee lacing that has become so common in outdoors circles. This has purely been an issue of a personal nature, as I have always preferred traditional lacing and securing with a double knot. Why? Because I have always found such lacing to offer, well, more security. So it was with some degree of reserving of judgement that I approached my test of the Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX Low shoe.

These are designed as a multifunctional outdoor shoe, so with that in mind I hit the trail on foot, by bike, and then, naturally, on the high street and down the pub, and you know what, they are excellent. I don’t mean that to sound like a surprise, because when you take note of the retail price, then one’s expectations run naturally high.

For a modern approach shoe expected to absorb reasonable punishment, they are surprisingly lightweight, and as for the comfort factor, that was noticeable as soon as I put them on and drew up the lacing. Haix have added a neat touch here with the addition of a lace pocket, featured on the underside of the tongue. The idea is to shove the lacing under the pocket and use the Velcro fastener to secure the lacing, thereby ensuring that the shoes don’t come undone accidentally, but possibly more importantly, don’t trip you up.

The Black Eagle Adventure is available in an attractive, and subtle, olive-rock colourway, and feature a GTX waterproof, breathable lining. Whilst this doesn’t suit everyone, it is something that I am always happy to promote, as a GTX membrane offers dryness – and therefore comfort – throughout the day. As to the slip-resistant sole, the grip was indeed impressive, having been thrown at varying terrain, in both wet and dry conditions.

Whether you walk in them or run in them or ride in them, you are pretty much guaranteed a comfortable encounter, thanks to the cushioning midsole. I am still not entirely sold on bungee lacing, but as I mentioned earlier, that is purely from peronal choice. If you are a fan, then you can add abrasion resistance (note the buffer toe rand in the above image) and durability to the Black Eagle Adventure mix, and Haix have it nailed. £124.90,