EVERY NOW and again a test product lands on my doormat and prompts an immediate, positive response. The side of the shoebox read: Hanwag Cameros Wide. That could mean only one thing in my mind… that the toebox would accommodate a wider forefoot. Perfect for me, and a good many other outdoorsy folk.

HanwagHanwag has been producing top-quality alpine and trekking footwear for over 90 years. A combination of traditional craftsmanship with sophisticated technical expertise and an ongoing commitment to innovation has kept the manufacturer at the forefront of technology. Fit, function, quality and craftsmanship. Surely there is little else the consumer could expect or demand in a quality outdoors shoe? Step forward the Cameros Wide. Exuding style, the first thing I noted was the lightness of the shoe. Running my hand inside, the softness and comfort of the breathable Hanwag Bio Ceramic lining was immediately noticeable. The wide last and wider forefoot and ball of the foot were also noticeable. Slipping the Cameros on for the first time, I was not to be disappointed. They felt like slippers. Yet, don’t get me wrong. A perfect fit is, of course, pivotal to good footwear. Testing these in the field also proved their robustness.

HanwagThe low-cut Cameros has a lightweight Hanwag Hexagon sole unit, soft and perforated leather cuff, and an outer constructed of suede and water-repellent heavy duty G-1000 fabric. In 2004 the company was sold to Fenix Outdoor AB from Sweden. The latter also owns the Fjällräven, Primus, Brunton and Tierra brands. G-1000 is Fjällräven’s proprietary hardwearing and versatile, densely woven fabric, which is a virtually windproof and highly breathable blend of 65 per cent polyester and 35 per cent cotton, and is treated with Greenland Wax, a combination which makes G-1000 one of the world’s best outdoor fabrics. I can testify to that with the G-1000 I have tested in tops and trousers.

Hanwag-1Clearly aimed at the active/travel crossover market, I cannot recommend the Cameros Wide highly enough for their style, lightness, breathability, robustness and all-day comfort. £139, www.hanwag.com