So there you are, trundling through the airport, one hand wheeling the luggage, the other holding your child’s hand…

Waiting around the airport lounge… fretting over whether the case is overweight… that you have brought along the right amount of Euros for the holiday… hoping the flight isn’t delayed. If all that stress is not enough, you are fretting about how to keep the child (children) playfully engaged.

HapeStep up the Walk-A-Long Puppy from toy manufacturer Hape, whose company mission is simple: to inspire play, learning and exploration of the world we live in, leaving children with infinite possibilities.

I, personally, think this is an inspirational toy, as does my granddaughter, whose eyes lit up when she saw it. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. Apart from being pushed and pulled, the environmentally friendly puppy can be placed in a number of different positions, making it a colourful companion for any child aged 12 months and over. Should my stress level increase, then I may just need to borrow it back.

HAP-E0347_6The Hape Walk-A-Long Puppy weighs 300g, and is sized H16.2 x W9.2 v D22cm. RRP is £17.99 and you can buy one here