REMEMBER John Lennon, the Swinging ’60s, the Hippie movement? Some say if you do, then you weren’t really there. I believe that is some reference to the hallucinogens of the time. Anyway, let’s talk retro shades and Kribi, the super-round glasses from Meller which are quickly becoming the latest style of the summer.

Meller has released four new designs in its Kribi collection, in response to this season’s fashion. Of all the sunglasses the brand sells, Kribi is one of its more retro models. The round frame was inspired by the legendary music and personality of the ’60s. The bright-coloured designs combine a pure reflection of the Hippie movement with the adventure spirit that characterises the brand.

If you know Meller, then you will be aware that the brand tends to use the same colours it already sells for its new models. However, in this collection, a whole new style has been born: Kribi Minor Sky, which has a semi-transparent polycarbonate frame. The unisex Kribi frame and lenses portray a trendy modern style, and additionally, all of the lenses have UV400 protection, a mirror coating, and laser logo. If you are seeking a funky pair of sunglasses at an extremely competitive price, then Kribi is for you. Mine are on order. £31.60 (plus postage),