THE MISSIONARIES: God Against The Indians

Norman Lewis (12.99, Eland)

DSC_3550This book is based on the author’s experiences with Christian missionaries over the course of his travels in Southeast Asia and Central and Latin America. It is a scathing account of how some missionary sects deal with indigenous peoples in their bid for the conquest of souls, whilst perpetrating the destruction of native cultures through their ruthless and relentless practices. This was originally intended to be the concluding part of an autobiographical trilogy (following Voices of the Old Sea and Jackdaw Cake), but instead was transmuted into a deeply searing examination of the extermination of indigenous tribes by North American fundamentalist missionaries. Lewis’s writing led to the birth of Survival International, the global movement for peoples’ rights and the only organisation that champions tribal peoples around the world by funding medical and self-help projects, and helping them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. Lewis scrupulously documents his findings with understated effectiveness, and his commentary remains as profoundly disturbing today as it was when first published 25 years ago.