If you are planning on going down to the woods for a spot of bushcraft, then it is always a good idea to pop a knife in your rucksack. Family-run Swedish brand Mora has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality, affordable knives suitable for outdoor use, and the new Companion series is no exception.


Available in a choice of models and colours, the knives offer a perfect balance between length and width, giving a better, all-around cutting experience, whether you are splitting firewood, spoon carving or preparing food. Carbon or steel coated, blackened blade, heavy-duty or simply your first outdoor knife, the choice is there to suit your particular experience.

The colourful Companion Stainless Steel Knife is perfect for camping or day trips into the great outdoors. This original model is exactly what it sets out to be – a trustworthy, reliable companion. Featuring a powerful blade made from high-quality Swedish stainless steel, with a ¾-length tang, the Companion offers excellent durability and longevity. The 2.5mm-thick blade easily handles most outdoor tasks and is complemented by a soft and grippy handle made from robust TPE rubber. £15.


A stylish, all-black model, the Companion Black Blade features the same sharp and robust blade as the original Companion, with a specialised black ED-coating for optimum functionality and rust-resistance. The knife has a patented friction grip, and the sheath comes with a handy belt clip so you can attach it to your backpack or belt for easy access. £15.

The Heavy Duty MG Companion features a thicker 3.2mm blade made from easy-to-sharpen carbon steel. Its slightly blunter 27o angle edge means the blade is more resilient and can be used for high pressured tasks, such as hammering. The knife has an extra-large, ergonomic handle with a soft grip, high friction handle for ease of handling. The knife is supplied with a polymer sheath complete with a belt clip. £17.99.

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