I guess we all know the benefits of keeping ourselves hydrated in order to help maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

NalgeneNow you can add some colour to your routine, as Nalgene are launching seven new bright and earthy colours for Autumn ’17, all inspired by nature – Clementine, Pomegranate, Woodsman, Aubergine, Cerulean, Melon Ball and Olive.

NalgeneNalgeneNalgeneNalgeneNalgeneNalgene-7There is a reason why the design of the Nalgene has hardly changed in 50 years – because it works, extremely well. Made from Tritan, BPA free Nalgene bottles are safe and durable. There is something else worth pointing out, too. Using these ‘bottles for life’ is a positive contribution to a cleaner planet, because by using a Nalgene bottle for one year instead of disposable bottles, it will save 167 bottles from landfill. That’s 2.5 million plastic bottles trashed hourly – just in the USA. A frightening statistic, indeed, and kind of brings it home why we need to be more planet friendly. £13.99www.firstascent.co.uk