China Towns: Asian Cooking From Around the World in 100 Recipes by Jean-François Mallet, published by Jacqui Small

Final UK cover2IN THIS visually stunning cookbook, author Jean‐Francois Mallet, a trained chef and photographer, goes behind the scenes in Chinese communities around the world in order to understand how and why the food changes so much depending on location. As well as intimate portraits of these fascinating communities, the book contains a hundred delicious recipes capturing the essence of China Towns from across the world and their various geographical influences.

China Towns: Asian Cooking from around the World in 100 Recipes is available now

salt and pepper prawnspaellaChinatowns, © 2014 Hachette-Livre (Hachette Practique)

Recipes and photographs: Jean-François Mallet, words Emmanuelle Jarry, illustrations Marie-Paule Jaulme