panoramic pod

Fancy taking picture-perfect panoramas on your Smartphone whilst avoiding handshake? You can now with the Panoramic Pod, a handy travel accessory which enables you to take 240 degree shots over a 25 second timeframe. It is simple to use, too. 10842677-1377076604-336310Your phone sits in a clamp above a wind-up and release mechanism, which allows for steady movement. Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, and with no requirement for batteries, the device also comes with a small tripod mount to hold the device steady. The Panoramic Pod is your perfect companion for those sweeping panoramas or large group shots. One thing to bear in mind, though. If you are not planning on doing a voice-over at the same time as your shot, make sure you turn the Smartphone volume down, or you will detect the mechanical whirring noise on playback.

The pod costs £15.99 from IWOOT.