I imagine that when flying, at some time or another most of us have had to pack our bottle of eau de toilette, perfume, essential oil or aftershave in our main luggage. Some may even have fallen foul of the strict guidelines at security check-in and had an expensive fragrance confiscated. Well, there is a simple, and inexpensive solution.

PortaScent from Aydya is a travel size perfume atomiser spray bottle. The refillable spray has pump-to-fill technology for spill-free refilling in seconds, and is air travel approved to fit seamlessly into your carry-on luggage, so you can wave goodbye to clunky oversized perfume bottles in hefty glass bottles and 150ml in size, which, of course, makes them totally impractical for travel.

Made of sturdy aluminium shell, it is leak-proof, hardwearing, lightweight and glass free. Application is fast and easy, spraying a fine mist for even coverage. Offering up to 120 sprays capacity, the clear window ensures you can keep an eye on just how much scent is left before you need to refill. The PortaScent is available in a selection of subtle colours to suit your taste, such as metallic silver, pink, gold or black, to name only a few. It is available to buy online for £7.99 from Leakproof.