Whether we are short or long-haul travelling, working out, enjoying a day out on the hill or backpacking, we not only need, but deserve to wear a good pair of socks.

SocksHow many times have you sat down after a long day, removed your shoes, and be glad of taking off uncomfortable socks prone to developing odour after just one use? And when it comes to choosing a new pair, how often have you been overwhelmed by the number of brands and styles on the market.

As a gear tester, I have worn through my fair share of socks… 2-, 3- and 4-season, long, short and ankle, light hiking, slopestyle, trekker, lightweight, midweight, hybrids… most offering underfoot comfort, padding, ventilation and/or evolutionary fit. I recall when silver was first introduced to socks, being an excellent antibacterial metal. So, just when I thought I had seen them all, along come MP Magic socks.

socks-2The fabric of these socks is infused not only with silver, but also copper and zinc. This multiple onslought on bacteria includes copper because not only can it kill bacterials, but it is also a key component of many enzymes. As for zinc, it can also reduce the bacteria, and therefore any resultant odour.

The functionality of these socks does not end there, because the manufacturer deliberately designed the socks at the toe and heel area to perfectly match the shape of the foot, offering both breathability and durability, thanks to the multi-metal infusion, which means the sock can transfer heat more efficiently. Are we talking magic here? Quite possibly.