ADVENTURE CRUISING specialists, Aurora Expeditions, are on the hunt for wildlife ambassadors. With climate change devastating the Arctic environment, the polar cruising company is making it their mission for 2016 to enlist the help of wildlife lovers to spread the word of the plight of the polar bear.

-® Anne_Oyasaeter_PolarBear_Spitsbergen_Courtesy_of_Aurora_ExpeditionsPolar bear, Spitsbergen (Anne Oyasaeter, courtesy of Aurora Expeditions)

Aurora Expeditions are making it even easier for passengers to be a part of their environmental campaign and this spectacular voyage. All passengers that book for the 2017 expedition before 31 January 2016 will be able to pay 2016 prices, saving up to £550.

Svalbard, Norway,

Polar Pioneer in Spitsbergen (Chrissie Goldrick, courtesy of Aurora Expeditions)

Hosting the incredible Jewels of the Arctic adventure, which weaves its way through Norway’s icy fjords, the fossil-rich deserts of Spitsbergen, and glacier-carved Greenland, Aurora Expeditions and their passengers are able to track the movements of the magical polar bear in their stunning and remote natural habitat.

Svalbard, Norway,

Spitsbergen landing (Chrissie Goldrick, courtesy of Aurora Expeditions) 

Taking place in springtime, passengers on board the Polar Pioneer will have a front row seat to one of the most endearing spectacles in the Arctic; polar bears teaching their cubs the ways of their world. Hunting lessons, swimming classes and the odd playful fight, these intelligent creatures teach their young how to survive in the rapidly declining environment.

-® Caroll_Hall - Courtesy of Aurora Expeditions - Vista Arctic SpitsbergenSpitsbergen (Caroll Hall, courtesy of Aurora Expeditions) 

For anyone that has been following The Hunt on BBC1, they would have seen the shot of a pensive polar bear looking out towards the remote Arctic landscape. While majestic, this particular bear is shown in one episode as desperately struggling to get his paws on a hearty meal.

Svalbard, Norway,

Walrus (Chrissie Goldrick, courtesy of Aurora Expeditions)

Climate Change has long since been the culprit of the temperature rising in the Arctic, directly affecting the feeding patterns of the polar bear. With sea ice rapidly diminishing, polar bears are unable to use the platform of ice to access their food, which is altering the entire ecosystem.

-® Jane Turnbull - Courtesy of Aurora Expeditions - Reindeer on SpitsbergenReindeer on Spitsbergen (Jane Turnbull courtesy of Aurora Expeditions)

Passengers have the unique opportunity to see a corner of the world which is so remote and untouched. This is the backbone of Aurora’s conservation campaign; first-hand experience of a sacred land gives a profound understanding of why we must protect the safety and tranquillity of the wildlife. With expert biologists and conservationists, each and every passenger can learn how to reduce their own carbon footprint, and the ways in which they can be a part of saving the Arctic.

-® Al Bakker- Courtesy of Aurora Expeditions - Kayaking in Spitsbergen (5)Kayaking in Spitsbergen (Al Bakker, courtesy of Aurora Expeditions)

Aurora Expeditions offer a 14-day Jewels of the Arctic voyage starting from Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, to Reykjavik, Iceland, via Greenland. Prices start from £4,390 per person based on a triple share cabin including all meals, excursions and lectures, and excluding international flights.