You’ve seen the name, and the product, and possibly even tried their iconic headwear before. If not, and indeed if so, then may I bring to your attention one of the new ranges from quality manufacturers Tilley, who are based in deepest Cornwall.

Made from Organic Cotton, the T5MO is one of a family of styles that feature AIRFLO technology, and is, in fact, one of the lightest hats I have come across.

Boasting UPF 50+ protection, the highest rating available, the breathable and extremely comfortable T5MO has a medium brim, soft suede finish and a three-quarter inch mesh insert around the crown for added ventilation.


TilleyWith a lifetime guarantee, the hat features a water-repellent finish, front and back wind cords system so it won’t blow away in high gusts, a Hydrofil sweatband, and there’s even a secret pocket for small valuables, but I’m not going to tell you where it is. Only joking! After turning the hat inside out (there was no need to, actually), I found it under the material upon which the hat’s description is detailed, which tells you that this hat floats, ties on, repels rain and blocks UV rays… and it won’t shrink either.

It also states that the hat has been ‘handcrafted in Canadian persnicketiness’. And yes, there is such a North American informal noun, which, according to one source, is a lively, fancy word for ‘fussy’. N’owt wrong with that. The T5MO will definitely be accompanying me on my travels from now on. £70,