Undeniably, the world is full of majestic destinations and stunning sights. Every place you explore gives you an experience of a lifetime. And if you add the world’s most exciting hiking trails to your bucket list, you’re definitely going to have an incredible experience.

If running a marathon or jumping from 1000 feet doesn’t fulfil your appetite for fun and adventure, an epic journey through awe-inspiring hiking trials could be the perfect way to satisfy yourself. Simply gear up and make sure you have the perfect shoes that make hiking a friendly experience for you. Best Hiking Boots for Women 2017 – Reviews and Buyer`s Guide can help you pick the right one. Here is the list of our ten best hiking trails across the globe to enjoy the tremendous beauty of nature.



Kungsleden, Sweden – The trail starts from the Abisko Mountain Station and ends at the Saami Village. This stunning hiking trail penetrates through the most beautiful landscapes of Sweden into the open tundra, birch forests and massive glaciers.

Something special about this hiking trail: The trail is located a hundred miles inside the Arctic Circle and crosses the highest peak of Sweden, Mount Kebnekaise, which stands 6926 feet.

Best time to visit: August – September.



Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal – The round trip to this amazing hiking trail could take up to 16 days and is perfect for both passionate and professional climbers. It’s one of the greatest of high-mountain journeys you can ever experience in your life. You can also visit several friendly villages on your way.

Something special about this hiking trail: The hiking trail gives you an opportunity to witness three of the highest mountains on earth at a glance. These include Everest, Lhotse Star, Lhotse, and tons of other Himalayan giants.

Best time to visit: March-April.



Petra Through the Back Door: JordanThe week-long trek based on 50 miles offers you a unique hiking adventure. Stairways carved into bright red rocks that lead to the facade of Al Deir are a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t miss.

Something special about this hiking trail: The narrow trail leads into a sharp bend that ends in a  monastery. You also enter the Nabataean city, where you can experience the wild of the Jordanian Kingdom.

Best time to visit: October-April.



Yosemite Grand Traverse: CA, United StatesLocated in California, the distance this hiking trail covers totals 60 miles. It takes almost a week to cover some amazing sights that the region has to offer. It’s one of the best National Parks in the country, which also takes you along the John Muir Trail.

Something special about this hiking trail: Not only will you witness granite basins, waterfalls and sprawling meadows, the Cable Route also takes you through the mesmerising Half Dome.

Best time to visit: July-September.



Inca Trail: PeruPopular for all the rights reasons, the Inca Trail is based on 26 miles and can take up to four days to cover the declines and inclines.

Something special about this hiking trail: One track and you get to explore the jungle, ruins and breathtaking mountain scenery! The hike ends at Machu Picchu.  

Best time to visit: May-September.



Appalachian Trail: Georgia, United StatesThe Appalachian trail is months of adventure on its own. The trail is 2,180 miles long and one of the longest continuous footpaths in the world. It takes around 5-7 months to cover this trail and is best suited to professional climbers.

Something special about this hiking trail: Since it covers a large area, it takes you through fourteen different states in the US, from Georgia to Maine.

Best time to visit: Year-round.



Kilimanjaro: Tanzania, AfricaKnown as one of the hiking trails with the highest peak in the world, Kilimanjaro is 19,340 feet tall. The route is both mesmerising and thrilling, and takes around a week to cover.

Something special about this hiking trail: There are various climbing routes on this hiking trail. Once on the top, you can witness some of the most spectacular views of Africa from above the clouds.

Best time to visit: January-February and September.



Snowman Trek – Bhutan – If you plan a month-long hiking trip, this could be the best experience of your life. The trek covers more than 200  miles, which is why it’s the hardest trail for some hikers, especially due to the unpredictable Himalayan weather.

Something special about this hiking trail: The trail covers eleven traversing passes, most of which are above 16,000 feet. It’s one of the most popular treks that most passionate hikers include on their to-do list.

Best time to visit: April or October



Bay of Fires: Tasmania, AustraliaIf you can’t resist the mesmerising oceans, this could be the perfect hiking trail for you. There are tons of white sand beaches and views you can never forget. The distance it covers is 16 miles and can take up to four days to complete.

Something special about this hiking trail: In addition to the endless white sand beaches, expect to witness massive boulders hiding under blood-red lichen. The bright blue sky and the turquoise water will create an outstanding scene that you will not be able to get enough of.

Best time to visit: October-May.



Cinque Terre National Park: ItalyThere are several hiking trails through the Cinque Terre National Park, with High Path and Alta being the most popular. The trails cover spectacular views of the rocky coastline and beautiful towns.

Something special about this hiking trail: The distance and time vary depending on which trail you choose. The choice of picking your favourite trail makes it very exciting.

Best time to visit: March-October.

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