AS WE all appreciate, the Med is home to some of the healthiest and most delicious cuisines out there, with an emphasis on fresh, flavourful produce, and made with love and respect for seasonal ingredients.

South Kengsiton Club- Iddu Cafe' - Food and Interior Shoot

Luca Del Bono, owner and founder of London’s South Kensington Club and Iddu is very familiar with the passion that is found in proper cuisine and the memory it evokes. Aged ten, Luca was strolling along a marina on the island of Lipari with his father Marco Del Bono, when he was offered ‘granita’ – a Sicilian, semi-frozen natural refreshment – that had a lasting impact on him. After his taste of granita limone, he was asked by the waitress: “E’ buona (is it good)?” Luca’s response to everyone’s shock was, “No… non e’ buona.” Jaws dropped as he dared shun a granita “E’ eccezionale (no, it’s not good, it’s exceptional).”

Years later as a teenager in Sicily, Luca was asked by a successful South American businessman if he would export granita to South America, after witnessing his passion for it. The time was not right then, but the dream of bringing granita to the rest of the world lived on in the young man’s mind. Today, Luca has given credence to his childhood love that moved him many years ago by introducing authentic granita to the heart of London, to Iddu.

Lemon granita is the most popular of all Sicilian ices, and with good reason. On a hot summer’s day, no refreshment beats the tangy, revitalising treat. It is a ritual for Sicilians to enjoy it from breakfast through to a late night dessert.

Iddu’s flavours include limone, melon (cantaloupe), strawberry, café, peach and very soon, figs – all made from fresh fruits and ingredients. It is healthier than ice cream and the ever-popular frozen yoghurt as it has no dairy or additives and is very low in sugar. The granitas can be enjoyed pre-workout for a boost of energy, and after, to cool down; or just simply appreciated relaxing on Iddu’s outdoor seating area in the summer sun.

IDDU is located in the heart of South Kensington, at 44 Harrington Road, London SW7. Open 7.30am to 10pm.

Reservations: +44 20 7589 1991. Email: