Whether you class yourself as an elite athlete, weekend warrior or an outdoorsy person who enjoys simple walks in the countryside, it is always good to carry a torch in your backpack, just in case of an emergency situation. Time, then, to shine the spotlight on the Ultimate Performance Head Torch.

UPIt features four light modes, ultra bright 87 lumen high beam, a power-saving 30 lumen dip beam which runs for twenty hours, a map reading red light to preserve night vision, and flashing red SOS mode… and all that for a cracking price tag! I made the mistake of having the torch pointing towards me when I first inserted the batteries and switched it on. Dummy! The white light is incredibly bright, as it would be. The lamp adjusts through 90 degrees so you can comfortably keep your eyes fixed on your chosen route, and it will even display for a distance of up to 57m in high beam mode. The unit takes three AAA batteries which come supplied and insertion is a simple process of unclipping the hinged back of the lamp housing. Fortunately, you won’t break your fingernails with this head torch.  How many times have you bought a battery-operated something or other and then had to return to the shops to buy a pack of batteries! As for usage longevity, expect eight hours of use in high beam mode and 20 hours in dip mode. The torch is weatherproof, but do try and not drop it in water. £14.99, www.ultimate-performance.co.uk