We thought there was no such thing as a Balinese-style luxury villa; a villa designed in the style of a traditional Balinese family compound and built in the classic Bali style

We assumed open-sided living areas, alang-alang thatched roofs, soaring pitched ceilings, semi-open air bathrooms and rooms decorated with Indonesian antiques and artworks were a thing of the past.

Villa Surya Damai

Pool and dining room

We would never have imagined stepping foot into a villa situated amidst sloping rice terraces, the sprawling property occupying thousands of square metres of land and boasting luxurious tropical living.

Villa Surya Damai

Indoor television room

Spending mornings meandering around an expansive and well-manicured garden brimming with coconut palms, mature trees and fragrant frangipanis sounded like a far-fetched dream. As far as we knew, a luxury villa did not mean an enormous private pool for swimming laps, or rows of poolside sun loungers to soak up the sun.

Villa Surya Damai

Upstairs tennis gallery

On the contrary, we had always imagined a luxury villa as an extremely private hideaway with little room for socialising. Activities such as challenging friends and family to a game of tennis on a private tennis court, watching the latest movies together in the media room, or gathering around the dining table for gourmet meals cooked by a private chef were unheard of.

Villa Surya Damai

Master bedroom and terrace

Perhaps THE perfect villa was a figment of our imagination. Then we set eyes on Villa Surya Damai. The rest speaks for itself.


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