FROM YOGA classes to peaceful must-visit spots, Hawai’i Island offers unforgettable experiences that truly inspire. Discover the island’s diverse wellness and healing offerings.
Pololu - Hawaii Tourism Authority HTA Cameron BrooksPololu, Hawaii (Cameron Brooks)
Spiritual Practices: Stalks of bamboo symbolise strength, eternal youth and prosperity. The newly introduced bamboo massage at the Spa Without Walls at The Fairmont Orchid, Hawai’i incorporates bamboo stalks of varying length and diameters to provide a deep tissue massage. Essential oils used in the treatment promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as provide a deep sense of relaxation. Another experience offered at the hotel is flo-yo (Floating Yoga). Practiced on a Stand Up Paddleboard, it connects the mind, body and breath, while balancing above the calm waters. The activity demonstrates the benefits of building strength through balance and resistance. Flo-yo takes Stand Up Paddleboarding beyond just riding the waves; it Is an ideal sport to learn on flat bodies of water, and incorporates a fun workout with the sensation of walking on water. The Beach Club at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel offers a variety of outdoor and wellness activities for hotel guests to enjoy, including Rise and Shine Hatha Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboard lessons, a Sunset Canoe Paddle, four- and six-man Outrigger Sailing Canoes  and more.

Kaunaoa White Sand Beach, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel - Big Island Visitors Bureau - Kirk Lee AederKaunaoa White Sand Beach, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel (Kirk Lee Aeder)

Self-Help and Wellness Programmes: The Hawai’i lifestyle is naturally centred on the wellness of land and people. KapohoKine Adventures created ‘Nohona Hawai’i’ to teach the importance of respecting the aina (land) for visitors interested in the island’s wellbeing through the environment’s rejuvenation of the soul and personal enrichment. Between ziplining Hawai’i’s longest riding tandem line to taking part in activities that involve working in mala (dry land garden), loi (wet land garden), trail cleaning and planting, KapohoKine Adventures aims to provide authentic, hands-on experiences that teach the importance of protecting Hawai’i’s natural resources and its crucial bond to preserving the host culture.

Peaceful Pololu Valley - Big Island Visitors Bureau (BIVB)Peaceful Pololu Valley (Big Island Visitors Bureau)

Serene Hikes: Witness the flourishing, verdant pastures of North Kohala, and at the end of the journey (and end of Akoni Pule Highway – Route 270), you will be rewarded with an unforgettable view of Pololu Valley Lookout. Take a hike down the 15-20 minute trail and witness even more beauty that surrounds the area. Great for families, Kalopa Nature Trail offers an easy loop through a peaceful rainforest, and has nearly 25 different native species of trees, shrubs and vines along the path. There are also tranquil spots nearby to enjoy a picnic.

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